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Hoodie Player Collection

This customize hoddie is a very special creation from our own factory which were produce in one a piece at a time to fulfill your order. 

You can pick the same latest  fashion Hoodie worn by great players who have participated in many major world class tournaments worldwide.
Be a part of the famous player collection hoodie by keeping up one piece of your favourite player while stock last.

* BORIS KRCMAR Model Hoddie
Croatian finest dart player who have won tremendous major world tournament ranking number one player for 2 consecutive years at the World soft tip championship.
Other major achievements were at the Dartslive China and Las Vegas Stage, EDU and FECS European Championship and IDF World Championship. In steel tip qualify for the PDC World South European qualifying  Event. He’s 400 winnings in official and unofficial tournament since 2007 mark him as one of the greatest player of all time.

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商品番号: SH-TG-BO-GR


世界中で活躍、数度の世界チャンピオンを獲得したクロアチアのボリス・カリチュマー選手が大会で着用するユニフォームと同デザインのオリジナルパーカー 保温性に優れたダブルレイヤー素材を使用し、全面昇華プリントで製造。


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