TIGA Fredi Gsellmann Model 90%Tungsten darts



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MAX DIA 6.2mm
LENGTH 51.0mm
Barrel Weight 19.0g

This Barrel is 51mm long straight, thats longer than normal straight barrels so its better for europe players.
The weight of the barrel is 19g thats a normal weight in europe. The grip is very aggressive.
The Barrel coloure is black, So it's a perfect barrel for players they love to play with a long barrel.

About Fredi Gsellmann
20 years old player from Austria, start playing dart in 2010. I'm the National Austrian Master 2016 in Steel Darts. I start with Soft Darts and then i also starts with Steel Darts. I was two times at PDC Youth World Champs and now i will go more to Dartslive Tournements.
I'm really proud to be a part of Team TIGA!
商品番号: TG-90-FREDI01